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Step into the world of Star Wars with our ULTIMATE Four Player Upright cabinet! With an impressive 43" monitor, this arcade game packs a punch with over 50,000 games. This cabinet is perfect for any home, vacation home, or even Airbnb! Our top-quality kits bring back the nostalgia of going to an arcade. Plus, with a 3-year warranty and free shipping to your home, you can enjoy endless hours of gameplay worry-free. We offer games from over 100 different platforms, so there's something for everyone in our Star Wars arcade!


Want to know a little more about this arcade? Here are the specifications:     

  Four-Player Upright Arcade!

  • Huge 43-inch Monitor

  • LED Marquee

  • Dual Light Guns

  • Led Buttons. 

  • One Spinner

  • One Xbox Controller

  • One Playstation Controller

  • One 3 inch Trackball

  • Wii Capabilities

  • Upgraded Sound System

  • Commercial Quality Graphics! Choice of graphic, email us for graphic choices. If not specified at checkout, graphics will be standard shown in the picture.

  • Your choice of color of T-molding or Trim! Our standard color is black! So if the color is not specified at check out, the color will be black!

  •  Auto configured for joysticks

  • 16tb Big Box Drive with over 150 platforms and 50,000 plus games, 15000 comics, and a jukebox.

  • Tested and configured.  This is not just  a large "dump" of ROMS

  • Multiple shaders/bezels included to customize your gaming experience

  • Each game platform is configured to work with a game panel and/or wireless controllers

  • Phone and remote login support provided 

  • Dynamic Shaders with reflective bezels simulating real CRT screens

  • And let's not forget video jukebox covering the 70's - 2000's. A 16,000+ digital comic book collection and a retro magazine collection

  • Four Player Upright Dimensions: 47"W x 28"D x 70"H; 265 lbs

ULTIMATE Four Player Upright Star Wars With 43" Monitor! FULLY UPGRADED

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