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Our Virtual Pinball Cabinet offers an unparalleled gaming experience with its cutting-edge features and customizable design. At its core, the cabinet boasts a 43" 4K 144Hz Gaming Playfield Monitor, complemented by an optional OLED 4K Playfield Monitor and other screens for a visually stunning display. The hardware setup includes solenoids, a Shaker Motor, and an Analog Tilt-Nudge Sensor, providing realistic interactions with the virtual pinball table. With 7.1 Surround Sound, chaser LEDs,

and customizable lighting, every aspect of gameplay is immersive and dynamic.


Customization is a key focus, allowing customers to tailor their cabinets to their preferences. From screen options to hardware components and lighting upgrades, each cabinet is built to order to ensure it meets the specific needs of the player. Functionality is enhanced with features like functioning Coin Doors, ROM Service Buttons and individual volume controls for components, making gameplay intuitive and enjoyable.


Powered by Windows IoT, our cabinets offer stability and flexibility, with features like Pin Volume and DirectOutput Framework for enhanced gameplay experiences. The table pack includes a vast selection of pinball classics, with the option for easy customization and updates. With a generous warranty and expedited delivery times, our Virtual Pinball Cabinet provides the ultimate gaming solution for enthusiasts.


In-Depth Details:


- 43" 4K 144 htz. Gaming Playfield Monitor 

- OLED 4K Playfield Monitor Optional 

- 32" 2K Backglass

- 22" 1080p DMD

- 19" 1080p DMD optional- this will bring the Backbox height down in size


- 10 solenoids

- Shaker Motor 

- Analog Tilt- Nudge Sensor with Accelerometer

- Allows you to bump the Table for Nudging 

- Analog Plunger

- 7.1 Surround Sound

- Front and Rear Exciters 

- Subwoofer

- Steel Lockdown Bars and Rails 

- Tempered Glass Playfield Shield

- Black Stern Legs

- Casters on legs to for easy moving of the cabinet

- Built from High Grade Plywood- Not cheap MDF that bends over time

- We build our cabinets from scratch, these aren't cheap Chinese knock-offs like other builders!


Custom Built to Order Cabinets 


- We can custom build cabinets to your specification!

- Any Screens 

- Any PC Components

- Any Hardware Components

- Any Audio System Upgrades

- Any Physical Cabinet Changes

- Build the perfect VP Cabinet the way you want it!


- Chaser led on each side of monitor

- Led Matrix at end- edge to edge with a tinted cover to reduce brightness

- Led on back "To be seen in further videos"

- Led bottom- "To be seen in further videos"

- Led Speaker Grills- "To be seen in further videos"

- Dozens of Graphic Skins to choose from!


- 15 Buttons- Flippers, Nudge and MagnaSaves on sides 

- Day/Night Mode, Volume Up/Down and Master Power Front buttons  

- Functioning Coin Door with REAL Mechanics, not just a fake door 

- 6 ROM Service Buttons- Nobody else has this feature!

- 9 Individual Volume Knobs for components

- Pull Out PC Tray

- Keyboard and Mouse that tucks inside of cabinet



- Cabinet Base wide 24.75" 

- Cabinet Deep 51.75"

- Front 36" 

- Back without Backglass 47"

- Backglass 33.75 Tall 37

- With Backglass total height 84" tall 

Additional Items

- 14.9" Topper LCD Screen $350

- Red and Blue Light Beacons $250

- Gear Motor $150

- Knockers $125



- Pin Volume 

- Dof 

- DofLinx


- I7 12700 Processor 

- 32 GB of Ram

- 4060 ti GPU- Stronger Graphics Cards Available

Table Pack

- We Provide an OPEN DRIVE!!! This way you can add tables and updates as you please!


- If you have a concern about purchasing a cabinet with a Table Pack, you can choose to not have one included.


 - No locked drives like other cabinet makers!!


- You get "Unlimited Remote-in Tech Support" on all Software, Table Packs and Hardware items.


- If you run into a problem or just want to chat,  give us a call!


- 2 TB SSD Drive fully loaded

- VPX 64 Bit and 10.8 Upgrade Included!

- 300 Color DMDs

- The Top 440 Future Pinball Tables- Including all 

  "Pin-Event Tables"

- Over 225 VPX Pup Pack Tables

- Hard to find Tables and ROMS that are not available 

- Pinup Popper Front-End

- Pre-Configured for all FX3 Tables 

- New Pinball FX (2023) is configured in Popper

- New Pinball FX-M "Mature Titles" configured in Popper

- We Install Pinball FX and FX3 on your machine

- We Update our drive each week to ensure you have the latest tables at time of purchase!

- Updated Table Packs are $300 and you can purchase those whenever you like. 

- This is what we do- you won't find a better table collection anywhere!

- See our Table Pack page for further details.

- 1600 Total Tables Included


- 3 Years Bumper to Bumper

- Customize your order, addition Blower Motor etc.!

- Additional features you may want, we can build for you

Delivery Times

- 7-8 weeks from built to your doorstep! 

- Custom Spec Build Cabinets may take additional time.

- No more waiting 9 months to 16 months for a Cabinet!

- We Ship to Canada!

- Built in the U.S.A.- NOT Overseas with Crazy Shipping Costs!

Contact Us for Further Details- Cabinet Orders or Table Pack Purchases! - Cabinets are $6500

- Phone # 818-482-0701

- Cabinets are $6500

- This is the best 43" Cabinet out there period!

- Financing Options Available 

Mario Theme 4K 43" Virtual Pinball

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