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Amusement Arcade Game

About Us


Why Buy From Us

This section is hard to write because we’re in Milwaukee and you know what Midwesterners are like - we are super modest. We don’t like to brag. It’s rude.


But the truth is that we make really nice arcade kits! Tom, our owner, is a long-time woodworker who uses only the highest-quality materials and the best processes to cut the cabinets, ensuring that after you assemble your kit, you will have an arcade cabinet that will last for years.


Tom actually started his career in IT, but he missed building things. His grandfather was a carpenter and his dad was a hobbyist woodworker who had a shop in their basement. Tom learned woodworking from his grandfather and his dad and has always loved the act of creating something beautiful and useful out of nothing.


He started a custom cabinets business over six years ago, making cabinets for homes. He got into the arcade  cabinet kit business when he made an arcade cabinet for himself and thought others might also want one.


Our Materials

We start with high-quality materials: melamine instead of MDF. And not just ½” melamine - he used ¾” melamine to make sure it’s extra sturdy.


Melamine itself is a beautiful material. Although you can paint it if you want, it’s beautiful even without any additional finishing.


If you do paint it, you don’t need to prepare the surface in any way - just paint it as is.


And if you want to put decals on your cabinet (which - of course you will), they will stick just fine to melamine. We all know the tragedy of trying  to make decals stick to plywood and other surfaces that just don’t want to take that kind of adhesive.

Our Process

When we get an order, Tom cuts each piece individually on a CNC machine. (Combining that IT background with woodworking!)


Once your order is cut, Tom’s mom (when we say this is a family business, we mean it) assembles the melamine pieces, the accessories, and anything else you might have ordered (such as decals, which are sold separately), packs it carefully, and puts it in the mail to you. We usually ship kits within seven to ten working days but the custom made full arcades take longer, and ship in 3 to 6 weeks.

Even though we do our best to make the assembly easy, sometimes people have questions. That’s OK! That’s another thing we do - we’re here for you after the sale. If you have a question about assembly, just email! We want you to be happy.

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